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Spectrophotometer with Pantong Color Number Matching Function

Others | 2017-07-29 17:54:36

Today we will introduce pantong color number matching function for our spectrophotometer CS-600.

1. Prepare sample and instruments. We will show this function by measuring the blue color on the catalogue. And the color chart inside the instrument is Pantong Uncoated.

color measurement

2. After measure the sample, we will see the color number and page on the instrument screen. 

color measurement

3. Find these colors on color chart and match it with the sample color.

pantone spectrophotometer

pantone spectrophotometercolor measuring instruments

Spectrophotometer CS-600 is with camera to view the measurement area which can clearly see the measurement area to avoid the measurement error. 

Beside pantong color charts, our instruments also supports other color charts. Customers can upload their own color chart into instrument and find the most similar color.CS-600,CS-280 plus and CS-260 are all with this function.If any inquiry,please do not hesitate to contact us.