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Power Whiteness Index Measurement Solution

Others | 2020-04-20 14:13:21

The early development of powder coatings is mainly used for the protection of metal corrosion. With the continuous progress of powder coating production and application technology and the continuous expansion of powder coating applications, the decorative beautification of powder coatings has also attracted more and more attention. The assembly line processing and assembly of modern enterprises (such as refrigerators, air conditioners, instruments and meters, metal doors and windows, aluminum profiles, electrical equipment, etc.) also require high stability of the internal and external quality of the coated products and the consistency of the coating color between batches.

CHNSpec can provide three kinds of measurement solutions for powder whiteness measurement:

Option 1: Use a Powder pressing instrument (as show in figure 1) to press powder into a flat and even tablet then measure it. As shown in the figure 2, the powder pressed into a tablet can be directly measured by portable spectrophotometer CS-580.

Advantage: Pressing powder into tablets can get the highest accuracy result.

Figurre 1. Powder Pressing Instrument

Figure 2. Tablet made by Powder

Option 2: Put the powder in glass cell and measure with the color spectrophotometer. As shown in the figure, there are two types of instruments that can be used:Portable Spectrophotometer (CS-580) and bench-top spectrophotometer (CS-820N).Use the cuvette as shown to hold the powder, and then use CS-580 spectrophotometer or CS-820N spectrophotometer to directly measure.

Advantage: It is simple for operation.

glass cell

CS-820N Bench-top Spectrophotometer

CS-580  Portable Spectrophotometer

Solution 3: Put the powder into a special powder holder for measurement. Put the powder into the holder as shown in the figure. The height of the powder should be same to reduce the measurement error. We can choose the portable spectrophotometer CS-580 for measurement.

Advantage: It is simple for operation.

Powder Holder

CS-580 Portable Spectrophotometer

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