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Platinum Cobalt Index (Pt-Co/APHA/Hazen)

Others | 2020-04-17 08:13:41

At present, there are two methods for measuring platinum and cobalt color. One is the method of visual inspection, and the other is instrumental measurement. The method of visual inspection has large errors. However, the measurement with the CS-810/820N Color Spectrophotometer instrument will have accurate values and work more efficiently. After test, we can see the color value directly. The instrument measurement method on the market is more popular now.

CS-810 Pt-Co Color Spectrophotometer

CS-820N Pt-Co Color Spectrophotometer

Briefly introduce a customer who uses CS-810/820N Color Spectrophotometer . His demand is platinum-cobalt color Hazen10, industry standard platinum-cobalt color Hazen50. Our instrument meets customer needs.

Our measurement process is to use the CS-810/820N Color Spectrophotometer instrument to test first, and then use the computer color QC software to measure the data quickly, and can print the report, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also improves the product quality. If you have related requirements, please call us +86 571 85888707 or contact us by email.