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CS-800C Bench-top Spectrophotometer for Tomato Paste Score (TPS) Measurement

Food Industry | 2019-07-12 15:25:17

This week one of our customer send us their tomato paste sample, we make test on our CS-800C 45/0 benc-top spectrophotometer. We will share how to measure it today.

1. Test Condition

1).Illuminant: C              2).Standard Observer Function: 2 degree

3).Reflectance Only

4).Formulas: Tomato Paste/Puree Score=-81.582+1.069a+15.390b-0.591b²

(Calculate by Color Flex 45/0 TPS formula provided by hunter lab.)

5).Glass Cell Size: Dia. 64mm and height 40mm

2. Test Method

Pour the tomato sauce into glass cell for measurement.

1). Choose one point on one sample to measure.

2). Sample height 3.4 cm. (Keep each samples at same height for measurement.)

Tomato Paste in Glass Cell

3. Color Spectrophotometer for Tomato Paste Score (TPS) Measurement

CHN Spec CS-800C Color Spectrophotometer

4. Sample Pictures and Test Result

Tomato Paste Samples

1).Test Result of Hunter Lab value of Samples

After measurement we can get that the Hunter Lab value and TPS value from Sample 1 to 6 is increasing for different grades. It is the same test result from the visual method. Customer is satisfied with the test result.

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