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Color Reader CS-260

Textile Industry | 2018-07-27 18:27:00

CS-260 color reader made by CHNSpec Technology can match the color number of color chart. It is widely used for many industries such as printing, textile, dyeing, household, building material, food, etc. It could measure the material surface to get L*a*b, L*C*h, E*ab, XYZ, relative RGB value, etc.

Today we will introduce how to use color reader CS-260 to control the color quality of cosmetic packing bags. It is with functions of color difference measurement and color number matching.

The first step: Turn on the color reader and then calibrate it. Set the light source, tolerance according to measurement requirement. Put the instrument on the target. No light is allowed to enter into the instrument. Press “test”, after hearing the sound of “beep”, we could see the testing result directly on the instrument.

The Second Step: After target sample is tested, save it and then press “menu” to enter into the “sample measurement” interface. Put the testing sample under the instrument, press “test”, after hearing the sound of “beep” we could see the testing result.

After get color difference value, customer required us to match color number of color card. Now we will introduce how to realize it with our color reader CS-260.

The Third Step: In the main interface, press “up” or “down” to get the “color searching” icon, press “enter” to enter into the color searching page. Choose suitable color card. Put the sample under the instrument, press “test” for color measurement. We will get its L*a*b value and three color numbers and pages whose color are similar to the sample.

After measurement, the color reader will match three color numbers which are the most similar to the sample color. Customer could find the color and get color formula according to the color number and page information. Instrument measurement has the advantage of time saving and higher accuracy.

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