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Textile Spectrophotometer for Fabric Color Measurement

Textile Industry | 2018-06-23 11:24:40

Textile Spectrophotometer for Fabric Color Measurement

We visited a textile customer who wants to measure the fabric color and share the test result with their customer.

Customer provides 8 samples for measurement and compares our textile spectrophotometer CS-820 test result with Datacolor SF800.

Textile Spectrophotometer Measurement Condition

1. Mode: Reflectance

2. Light Source and Angle: D65/10 degree

3. Parameters need to Measure: color value CIE L*a*b

Textile Spectrophotometer Test Method

Textile fabric will be fold into 4 layers like shows in the following pictures. (To make sure no light will enter into the instrument to affect the test result.)

Textile Spectrophotometer

Test Result of Textile Spectrophotometer SF800 and CS-820

Textile Spectrophotometer

From the above table that we can see our test result is very close to data color from Delta E0-0.8 for measuring same fabric with same measurement method. Customer is satisfied with our test result.

Spectrophotometer for Reflectance Measurement