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Multi Angles Spectrophotometers Comparison of BYK-mac i 7030 to CHN Spec CS-390

Paint Industry | 2019-06-28 15:46:19

One of our customers want us to compare the test result of our three angles spectrophotometer CS-390 to multi angles BYK-mac i 7030, we made the test for them and the following is the test procedure and result.

Three angles spectrophotometer can be widely used for the color measurement of metallic car paint, effective materials, cosmetics, laser paper, mobile phone cases, etc. These kinds of material has the same character, when we see it from different angles, the colors are different. Multi angles spectrophotometer is suitable to measure this kind of materials.

Part 1. Sample Pictures (Metallic Paint)

(From right to left the sample number is 1, 2…6, 7)

Part 2. Instruments that used for Test

Part 3. Test Result at Three Angles 110,45 and 15

We make the test result comparison at three angles 110,45 and 15. Indication error is the difference between the two instruments.

Three Angles Color Spectrophotoemter CS-390 Application