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Bench-top Color Spectrophotometer CS-820N VS Datacolor 800V

Paint Industry | 2018-12-29 13:44:00

CHNSpec Bench-top Color Spectrophotometer CS-820N VS Datacolor 800V

Color spectrophotometer CS-820N made by CHNSpec is all-in-one spectrophotometer which can measure both reflectance and transmittance. It is widely used for many industries for surface color measurement of paint, plastic, master batches, pigment, textile, printing products, food, chemical and other kinds of materials. Our instrument conforms the international standards of CIE No. 15, ISO 7724/1, ASTM E1164, DIN5033 Teil 7, JIS Z8722, Condition C standard.

One of our customers requires me to compare our test result with datacolor bench-top spectrophotometer. Today we will use our CS-820N color spectrophotometer  to compare with Datacolor spectrophotometer 800V. The following is the sample picture.

Painted Metal Samples

Test Condition

1. Test Mode: Reflectance 2. Light Source and Angles:D65/10°

3. Test Parameter: L*a*b

Test Method

1. One sample measure one same point to get the test result.

Color Spectrophotometer Test Result

Test Result

From the chart, we can see the test result is close to each other for measuring the same area on sample. If any bench-top spectrophotometer inquiry, welcome to contact us.

Spectrophotometer CS-820N for Metal Button Color Measurement