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Plastic Industry

Instruments for Plastic Color Measurement

Plastic Industry | 2017-08-14 15:36:26
  • Plastic can be used for many industries such as furniture, home appliances, printing, building, etc. Because of the widely applications, the color quality control of plastic because more and more essential.

  • For non-transparent plastic sheet, we could use colorimeter :CS-10, CS-200,CS-210,CS-220 and CS-260 (because of the limit in testing accuracy, colorimeters only suitable to get the color difference value)
    Spectro colorimeter:CS-280, CS-286, CS-288
    Portable Spectrophotometer: CS-580,CS-600,CS-610;CS-650;CS-660
    Benchtop Spectrophotometer:CS-800, CS-801,CS-820
    For Semi-transparent or transparent plastic sheet,we could use benchtop spectrophotometer CS-810 and CS-820.

  • Colorimeter for Plastic Color Measurement

  • Spectrophotometer for Plastic Color Measurement
  • Arc or Ring Plastic
    Considering the shape, the instrument that we could use as follows:
    Spectro colorimeter:CS-280, CS-286, CS-288
    Portable Spectrophotometer: CS-580,CS-600,CS-610;CS-650;CS-660
    colorimeter :CS-10, CS-200,CS-210,CS-220 and CS-260.

    If the diameter is small, we could use instrument with testing caliber 4mm.

    Plastic Packing Material

    Plastic packing color measurement can use our portable instrument. spectro colorimeter or spectrophotometer are highly recommended for color measurement of plastic packing material.

    Color Master Batches
    Master batches are the plastic colorant. It is in pellet shape, we will need glass cell for color measurement. We would recommend benchtop spectrophotometer CS-820, CS-801 and CS-800.

    CHNSpec Tech can provide whole color measurement solution, if any inquiry for plastic color measurement, please do not hesitate to contact me.