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Plastic Color Spectrophotometer for ABS Plastic Color Measurement

Plastic Industry | 2018-09-15 16:57:38

ABS plastic is a terpolymer of three monomers of acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B), and styrene (S). As a commonly used plastic, it is with excellent comprehensive performance, ABS can be widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, construction and other fields. ABS is widely used in home appliances because of its good surface gloss and chemical resistance, toughness, hardness and good process-ability.

plastic color Spectrophotometer

ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is commonly seen in our daily life. In order to make the products to have better appearance and visual effect, we will requires the plastic color uniform. Color difference is one of the defects of ABS plastic, it will greatly affect the plastic quality.

Today we will introduce how to measure its color with Plastic Color Spectrophotometer CS-580.

Measurement Condition

1. Mode: Reflectance

2. Light Source and Angle: D65/10 degree

3. Parameters need to Measure: color value CIE L*a*b and △E.

Test Method

1. Prepare the instrument and samples. Do black and white calibration for the instrument.

chnspec plastic color Spectrophotometer

Plastic and Spectrophotometer

plastic color Spectrophotometer calibration
Spectrophotometer Calibration

2. Test the plastic target and samples. Put the target under the measurement aperture, press “test” we can see the test result directly on instrument. Press “menu” to enter into the sample measurement interface. Put sample under the aperture, press “test” , we can get the color difference between target and sample.

plastic color Spectrophotometer test result

Test Result 1

plastic color Spectrophotometer test result 2

Test Result 2

After measurement we can see the test result directly on the instrument screen. The following is the test report.

plastic color Spectrophotometer test result 3

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