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Online Color Sensor

Color Sensor CRX-51

CRX-51 is a member of the CRX series of non-contact color measuring instruments. It adopts D/8 lighting observation conditions widely used in the world, and is suitable for online quality control of various industries, color matching and coatings, textile

Online measurement - online color measurement system can continuously obtain product color data, more comprehensive and rich understanding of sample information, more rapid underground decision, optimize production process and ensure product quality. Adjusting production parameters in real time can save costs and increase production efficiency.

Part 1. Instrument introduction

1.The instrument adopts internationally accepted D/8 (integrated sphere diffused illumination, 8° observation angle) SCI illumination observation conditions.

2.With IP67 dust and water resistance, it can be used in harsh working environments..

3.Built-in black and white calibration for automatic black and white calibration without human intervention.

    4.Ultra-high speed measurement, the fastest measurement time is 20m

    5.Non-contact on-line measurement with a measuring distance of 0.5mm from the sample.

    6.Adopt CLEDs light source - full-band balanced LED light source (Patent Number ZL2013107548347)

The full-band balanced LED light source ensures sufficient spectral distribution in the visible light range, avoiding the spectral loss of the white LED in a specific band, ensuring the measurement speed of the instrument and the accuracy of the measurement results. The research results are published in the domestic SCI recording optics. Periodical "Chinese Opics letters"



7.ETC real-time calibration technology (patent number: ZL20130373360.1 )The instrument has a built-in standard whiteboard as the measurement reference for the instrument. When the whiteboard is stained, the measurement accuracy of the instrument is not guaranteed. In the color spectrum spectrophotometer product, the innovative ETC real-time calibration technology (Every Test Calibration) is adopted, and the standard whiteboard is set inside the optical system, and has reliable accuracy and repeatability in each test.

8 . standard color management software

  1. 9.Automatic gloss compensation technology (patent number: ZL201310511357.1)

    Different gloss on the surface of the material and the illumination observation conditions of the color measuring instrument can have a great influence on the color measurement. Color spectrum technology breaks the foreign technology blockade, and is the first in the industry to propose automatic gloss compensation technology to ensure the accuracy of color measurement data of different glossy surfaces. The research results were published in the foreign optical SCI journal "OPTIK".



    10. Innovative spectroscopic technology SCS optical engine (patent number: ZL201210337619.2)
    The innovative single-grating dual-optical splitting system, the SCS optical engine, creates a professional measurement repeatability indicator for the handheld spectrophotometer, ensuring accurate measurement of the surface color of the material.



    11.Metrology verification report

    Each of the spectrophotometers has been tested and tested. Each instrument is tested according to the measurement standards of the authoritative verification department after leaving the factory. The measurement data is traced back to the National Metrology Institute to ensure the authority of the instrument test data.

Part2. More Instrument Pictures





Instrument Parameters



Measurement Condition

d/8 (scattered light source, 8 degree observation angle), SCI (including specular reflection component).

Integrating Sphere

Φ40mmAvian-D Full diffuse reflective surface coating

Light Source



Dual Optical Path Array Sensor

Measurement Distance


Internal Self-calibration

Built-in black and white calibration

Protection Level


Wavelength Range


Wavelength Pitch


Half Band Width


Measuring Range




Measuring Caliber

φ10mmφ4mm optional

Measuring Light Source



Spectrogram/data, sample chromaticity value, color difference value, pass/fail result, color deviation, display measurement area, historical data color simulation, manual input of standard sample, generation of test report



Measuring Time

Minimum 20ms

Measurement Parameter


Color Difference Formula


Other indicators

WI(ASTM E313-00,ASTM E313-73,CIE/ISO,AATCC,Hunter,Taube Berger Stensby),YI(ASTM D1925,ASTM E313-00,ASTM E313-73),Tint(ASTM E313,CIE,Ganz) metamerism index Milm, color fastness, color fastness


Chromaticity value: ΔE*ab standard deviation within 0.03, maximum value 0.05

(After calibration, 30 times standard deviation of whiteboard is measured at intervals of 5 s)

Inter-instrument Agreement

Within ΔE*ab 0.2 (average of BCRA Series II 12 swatches)

Light Source Life

Lifetime warranty

Operating Environment

0°C-45°C, relative humidity 80% or lower (at 35°C), no condensation

Storage Environment

-25°C-55°C, relative humidity 80% or lower (at 35°C), no condensation


Industrial USB, other interfaces can be customized







  1. Online measurement

    1. Overview - On-line color measurement system probes are placed in robots, production lines and other devices to achieve continuous measurement throughout the day, monitor changes in sample color information, for managers to understand the quality of products in real time, correct them in time, and record production data to meet production Managed traceability requirements.

Online color measurement probe

b) Anodizing color monitoring - color measurement and control of the process on the production line, can obtain color parameters in time to provide color difference, color data connection color matching production system can also automatically complete the automatic adjustment of color ingredients.



Technical Support

1. One year warranty