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Online Color Sensor

Color Sensor CRX-50

CRX-50 is a commercial, non-contact or in-line color measurement instrument that can be used for both laboratory and on-line measurement of reflectance and chromaticity value.

a) For Laboratory Measurement (with measurement support) - non-contact color sensor is suitable to measure the floor of cosmetics, wet paint / ink, antiques, it is no pollution and no damage to samples.

b) For On-line measurement - The online color measurement system can continuously obtain product color value to know the sample information more comprehensively and make quick decision, optimize the production process and ensure product quality. Adjusting production parameters in real time to make it saves costs and increases production efficiency.

Part 1. Instrument introduction

1.  It adopts 45/0 geometry to measure the sample color.

2. Non-contact measurement : 7.5mm distance from measured sample

3. There is no fear of fluctuations in the measured surface, fluctuation between ±3mm range still ensures accurate measurement.

4. Built-in automatic calibration.

5. Full spectrum LED is used as measuring light sources for long life.

6. Ultra-high speed measurement, the fastest measurement time is 20ms

7. Automatic Gloss Compensation Technology (Patent No.: ZL201310511357.1)Gloss will greatly affect the measurement of color. Our instrument adopts automatic gloss compensation technology which guarantees the accuracy of color measurement value for surfaces of different gloss. This research finding is published in international leading journal “Optik”.

8.Innovative light splitting SCS optical engine (Patent Right No.: ZL201210337619.2)

Adopt innovative single-grating-dual-light-paths light splitting system: SCS optical engine which creates the best measurement repeatability and guarantees accurate measurement of materials surface color.

9. Standard Color QC Software

Instrument comes with free Color QC software for color quality control and color data management in various industries. The user's color data, compare color differences, generate test reports, provide multiple color space measurement data. (Custom made QC software service is also available)

10. Verification Certification
Every spectrophotometer is with traceable verification certification from a third party laboratory to ensure the authority of the instrument test result.

Part2. More Instrument Pictures




Instrument Parameters




45/0 (45 right-shaped illumination, 0 degree viewing)

Light Source



Dual Optical Path Array Sensor

Non-contact Measurement Distance

7.5mm ± 3mm (repeat-ability dE <0.1 for distance fluctuations)

Calibration Method

Built-in Calibration Tile

Wavelength Range


Half Band Width


Wavelength interval


Non-contact Measurement Distance

7.5mm ± 3mm (repetitive dE <0.1 for distance fluctuations)

Measuring Aperture


Measure Time

Minimum 20ms

Measurement Interval


Reflectance Range




Measurement parameter

CIE-L*a*b, L*C*h, L*u*v, XYZ, Yxy, reflectivity WI (ASTM E313-00, ASTM E313-73, CIE/ISO, AATCC, Hunter, Taube Berger Stensby) , YI (ASTM D1925, ASTM E313-00, ASTM E313-73), Tint (ASTM E313, CIE, Ganz), metamerism index Milm, color fastness, color fastness





Color Difference Formula


Repeatability (standard white tile)

Chromaticity value: ΔE*ab standard deviation ≤ 0.03, maximum value ≤ 0.05.

(After calibration, the white calibration tile is measured 30 times at 1s interval)

Inter-instrument Agreement

Within ΔE*ab 0.2 (average measurement of BCRA Series II 12 tiles)

Light Source Life

Lifetime Warranty

Working Temperature

0°C-45°C, relative humidity 80% or lower (at 35°C), no condensation

Storage Temperature

-25°C-55°C, relative humidity 80% or lower (at 35°C), no condensation


Industrial USB (others can be customized)

Power Supply





154mm*113mm*145mm (L x W x H)

A. Laboratory measurement

a). The CRX-50 non-contact color sensor can be used for laboratory measurements (an additional measurement support is required). It can be used to measure cosmetics, paints/inks, antiques and other material’s non-contact measurement.

b). Cosmetics –Some of the cosmetics are power and pasty material , which will cause pollution and deformation if instrument contact sample for measurement. Non-contact color sensor can solve this problem. Besides cosmetics, it can also measure other kinds of materials such as washing powder, plastic powder, milk power and so on.


c). Coating/Ink—Wet paint or wet ink is in a wet state. In order to save time and measure the color parameters in time, non-contact measurement is required. Color Sensor can work with color matching system made by CHNSpec for color measurement and color matching.

Wet Paint

d). Antiques –Antiques are often old and valuable, and contact measurement method can cause deformation or damage to the surface. Non-contact color measurement is one of the better choices.


B. Online Measurement

a)The online color measurement system can be installed in production line, which can achieve color measurement all the time to monitor the change of sample color, for the management personnel to know the quality of the product in real time, correct it in

Online Color Sensor

b). Automobile - The color measurement of the interior and exterior of a car. Install the

measuring probe on the robot and move it to the specified position for color measurement.

Automotive Appearance Color Measurement

c) Paper Making Production Line- Color measurement and control takes an important role on the paper production line.

It can warn and adjust color parameters, and the color data can be connected with color matching production system to

achieve automatically adjust of color ingredients.

Paper Making Production Line

d) Textile and Film Production Line - measurement and control color on the textile or film production line to achieve automatic adjustment of product color.

Textile Production Line

e) Wood - wood paint, wood furniture, door and window color need to measure color to solve the color difference problem between different batches.

Wood Production Line