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Clear and Transparent Chromaticity Value Lab, Gardner, Pt-Co (APHA)

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We know CS-810 is mainly used for color measurement of clear liquid and transparent products. Do you know what the testing values in different industries are?

1. Lab,Lch and Transmission (T%)

Transparent products (glass, plastic, water, solvent) chromaticity value. Main test value is Lab,Lch and Transmission (T%) ,etc.

liquid color control

2. WI and YI

Transparent products (glass, plastic, transparent master batches) need measure Whiteness Index and Yellowness Index.

liquid color control

3. Pt-Co (APHA)

Chemical products, petrochemical products, water quality analysis need measure Pt-Co (APHA), such as glycerol, solvents, plasticizers, carbon tetrachloride, petroleum alcohol, etc.

Pt-Co (APHA) is suitable to measure transparent liquid or liquid whose color is closed to the reference Pt-Co liquid. The color of the liquid to be measured is usually brown.

benchtop spectrophotometer

4. Gardner

It is more suitable for measure the liquid whose color is deeper than Pt-Co such as lecithin, resin, dry oil and fatty acids, etc. Gardner standard reference liquid is mixed by Cobalt chloride solution, ferric chloride solution and potassium chloroplatinate solution with different ratio. Its value is between 1-18. CS-810 conforms to internationals standard GB/T 22295-2008.

benchtop spectrophotometer

5. Saybolt

Usage 1. For yellowish but no Chroma oil such as mineral oil, kerosene, gasoline, naphtha and other industries.

Usage 2. For color measurement of wax ,adhesives, transparent oil and so on.

CS-810 is designed for measure the transmission color. Beside Pt-Co, Gardner, Saybolt, it is also suitable to measure other chromaticity values and conform to standards of ASTM D1209,AOCS Td 1b-64,ISO 6271,BS 5339,etc.