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What is a colorimeter

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What is a colorimeter?

Colorimeters are tristimulus (three-filtered) devices that make use of red, green, and blue filters to emulate the response of the human eye to light and color. In quality control applications, these tools offer an excellent price/value relationship. Colorimeters provide users the ability to emulate how a physical product will appear.

How does a colorimeter work?

A colorimeter is a light-sensitive instrument that measures how much color is absorbed by an object or substance. It determines color based on the red, blue, and green components of light absorbed by the object or sample, same as the human eye does.

Colorimeter Types

Our series instruments are tri-stimulus colorimeters from CHNSpec Technology that provides high accuracy for appearance color measurement.

Colorimeter Usages

Colorimeter has a various application. It can be widely used for plastic, paint, coating, food, fruit, textile, building material, hardware, etc.

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