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Clarity Definition & Transparent Materials Clarity Test Methods

Update time:2020-04-30 13:15:03 | Clicks:2104

1.What is clarity?

Clarity:Narrow Angle Scattering

Light is diffused in a small cone with high concentration. This effect describes how well very fine details can be seen through the specimen. The see-though quality needs to be determined in an angle range smaller than 2.5 degrees.

As shown in the figure, it clearly shows the effect of placing different clarity plastic films on the same bar code.

2.the problems of non-professional instrument measurement clarity

The difference of observers.There is no uniform standard for the expression of clarity, and it is easy to cause trouble in communication. In addition, each person's vision is different, and the degree of clarity is also different.

Environmental impact.In different light, even if people are in the same position, they will make different judgments.

Not conducive to production.Enterprises that want to measure clarity generally have higher requirements and have a prescribed error range. Faced with the need for testing of batches of products, instrument testing is undoubtedly the best choice, while increasing efficiency and controlling quality.

3.   Recommended instrument for measuring clarity

Instruments for measuring clarity are available in BYK 4775 and CHNSpec CS-720. CS-720 is a clarity haze instrument independently developed and produced in China. BYK 4775 is currently priced at more than 200,000 yuan on the market, which is equivalent to three times the price of CS-720. With the same function, the price-performance ratio of CS-720 is even higher.

Clarity Haze Apparatus CS-720 is suitable for measuring the clarity, color, haze, spectral transmittance and total transmittance of transparent translucent materials such as plastics, films, glass, LCD panels, touch screens, etc. It has the following advantages:

1. Rich measurement parameters and professional clarity measurement function

Clarity Haze Apparatus CS-720 can not only measure the haze, transmittance, transmission color parameters, but also provide professional clarity measurement function, suitable for high-definition film, display glass and other fields.

2.It has a comprehensive color measurement function in the industry

It can measure dozens of color parameters such as Lab, yellowness, whiteness, Gardner and Platinum Cobalt.


3.Follow ASTM and ISO standards

The following standards are: GB / T2410, ASTM D1003 / D1044, ISO13468 / ISO14782.


4.Provide multiple measurement light sources

Clarity Haze Apparatus CS-720 provides a variety of A, C, D65 measurement light source selection for haze measurement, and 24 measurement light sources for color measurement.


5.Compensation method measurement to make the data more accurate

It can realize the compensation measurement of transmittance and provide more accurate transmittance test results.


6.Equipped with computer data analysis management software

It is equipped with software for measurement and analysis of haze, color and transmittance, which can be operated on the computer and print test reports.

7.7-inch Android system touch screen, providing a better test experience


8.Open sample compartment, horizontal and vertical measurements are possible


9.Provide abundant measuring fixtures

Provide a variety of fixtures to meet the measurement needs of different forms of samples such as sheets and liquids.

If you are interested in the instrument and related parameters, please feel free to contact us.