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Haze Meter Upgrade

Update time:2020-03-16 10:44:17 | Clicks:466

Haze meter is suitable for the color, haze, spectral transmittance and all-transmittance measurement of transparent and translucent materials such as plastic, film, glass, LCD panel and touch screen. It is a very essential instrument for samples haze, transmittance  color and clarity quality control. For better user experience, we have updated our instruments. The following is the detail information.

Haze Meter Upgrade

1. Haze meter CS-700 has added color functions on the basis of the original, and now has a comprehensive color measurement function, which can measure dozens of color parameters such as Lab, yellowness index, whiteness index, Gardner,Pt-Co, etc.

CS-700 Color and Haze Meter

Color Parameter of CS-700 and CS-720

Color and haze meter CS-720 has added clarity measurement function, not only has rich haze and transmittance and color measurement parameters, but also provides professional clarity measurement.

Clarity and Haze Meter CS-720

2. Both instruments are upgraded into 7-inch touch screen with Android operate system to provide a better user experience.


                                                Android Operate System of Haze Meter

3. The new upgraded haze meter will be equipped with LED lamp who can provides longer lifetime. Measurement time will be greatly reduced.

4. Provide abundant measurement fixtures  to make measure much easier.

                               liquid fixture                                                             film fixture

If any interest ,you are welcome to contact us for more details.