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An Important Update of Haze Meter TH-100

Update time:2020-03-15 17:03:37 | Clicks:453

We have made some changes to our Haze meter TH-100.

Compared with the old model, It's faster and more convenient and has all the following changes:

       1.The new is without drawer

       2.No 0% calibration cap

       3. One key for both 0 and 100% calibration

       4.Add mode: for the fast test , accuracy is 0.01 (haze within 10), the display accuracy is 0.01, haze value above 10 display accuracy is 0.1, the transmittance display accuracy is 0.1; in high-precision mode, the haze transmittance display accuracy is 0.01
Note: No difference in performance between new and old models.

         If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.