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Color Measurement Knowledge Introduction

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Today we will not introduce measurement case of our instrument. We will introduce some special parameters.

1. Metamerism

Two samples appears to be a good match under one set of viewing condition but does not match under another set of viewing condition.

There are different kind of Metamerism. The more commonly known is Illuminant Metamerism.

Illuminant metamerism

Two samples appear to be a good match under one Illuminant but does not match under another Illuminant.


2. Color Strength

The Color strength of a dye is a measure of its ability to impart color to other materials. This property is characterized by the visible region of the spectrum and can be expressed as a color strength value.

Strength value in CHNSpec spectrophotometer is strength at λ maxima.

Wave length of maximum absorption or minimum reflectance is at 570 nm.

This strength measurement is also known as Chromatic as it is comparison of purity strength.

3. Opacity

Opacity is the degree to which light is not allowed to travel through.


When incident light causes intense scattering so much so that no light passes through the sample, then this phenomenon is termed as opacity.

Opacity is expressed as the contrast ratio which is a function of tristimulus value Y.

Opacity is measured with ISO or TAPPI scales.

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