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Marble Gloss Meter Measurement

Update time:2018-06-28 08:36:44 | Clicks:1576

marble gloss meter

    After you have polished a floor or other surface, you need to objectively evaluate the gloss in order to determine if the job is done. You will probably want to compare various sections and remove any unevenness in the gloss.

    From your own experience, you may already know that it is actually quite difficult to accurately evaluate how shiny a surface is. Well, this gloss meter resolves that problem. In just one second it reads and assigns a value for the surface gloss and displays it for you, with no questions asked. The gloss meter is a powerful tool that objectively ensures the quality of your work. Also you can prove your quality work by showing this number to your customers or supervisers.

marble gloss meter

    For measuring surface gloss, the handy gloss meter CS-300 is just the right tool. This measurement apparatus originally developed to measure the gloss on a variety of surfaces. Currently, this product is being utilized to evaluate marble floor, granite, concrete, stone floor polishing, car,leather, furniture, paper, paint and plastic

    The CS-300 gloss meter measures gloss and displays the results as numerical data, in one second. It eliminates subjectivity and helps guarantee uniform production quality. The CS-300 enhances product reliability in all kind of situations and can be used for quality control purpose as well.

marble gloss meter

    All you need to do is place the meter on the surface you wish to measure, press the button, and it is done. The number indicating the gloss is displayed instantly and can be stored in the meter's memory.